OKC Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center is conveniently located between the corners of NW 13th St. and Shartel Ave. in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Ann Allen
Executive Director of Adult and
Community Education

Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center
1320 N. Classen Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Phone: (405) 231-2053 / (405) 231-2054
Fax: (405) 231-2056

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Adult Education and Literacy Programs

ESL Class Schedule & G.E.D. Class Schedule 

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2013-2014 Adult Education Classes

Adult Education Classes are starting soon!!!  Call us for info: (405) 231-2054


Opportunities await adults who want to learn or improve their English, improve basic skills or earn a GED.   Adults are currently enrolling in daytime and evening adult education classes across the district. Classes are open entry making it easier for adult students to access educational options at their convenience. Please peruse the attached schedules of classes and refer parents to a site near your school.  Better yet, pass out our class schedules during parent conferences as a way to engage parents in the educational process.  We all are aware that research indicates increasing parent participation in schools has a direct correlation on student academic outcomes. 


  • The Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center can support your school by offering an adult education class (ABE, ESL, GED prep) at your school with a guaranteed enrollment of twelve (12).
  • The Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center can provide flyers for events where adult classes are scheduled.
  • The Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center has staff that will advocate for the process of adult learning at your Open House and Parent Conferences or anytime at your request.


If you need further information, please call the Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center

at one of the following numbers 231-2053, 231-2054, 231-2055 or find us on the web at okcps.org/adult education.


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