Substitute Guidelines
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How to Apply
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Apply for one of three substitute postings. (Please be sure to only apply for one position)
  • Certified
  • Non-Certified with a BA/MS/Doc
  • Non-Certified High School Graduate

If you need assistance, please contact the substitute office, 587-0828.
Welcome to the Substitute Office for OKCPS

 We are pleased you are interested in being a substitute teacher in our district!! 

Standards are high for teachers in our district, as we constantly pursue excellence in our educational programs. Our substitute teachers are considered an important part of achieving this educational excellence. We expect our substitute teachers to teach. You assume a demanding and critical role in the education of the children/youth in the Oklahoma City Public School District. The cumulative effect of substitute teachers over the course of a year is significant to the educational process.

Contact the Substitute Office

Dessi Black – Substitute Coordinator

Phone Number (405) 587-0828       Fax Number (405) 587-0600